Saturday, 3 January 2015

First Blog Post: Painting MDF

I decided that for the New Year I would start to write a blog.  Now I haven't made any New Years resolutions to write every day as to me that would be a waste of time as I generally never stick to them past the first week.  I run ATScrollin which makes wooden gifts and crafts as well as supplying MDF craft shapes and letters for others to decorate.  I make everything by hand using a scroll saw. I wanted my first post to be a tutorial or some useful information to kick start the blog. 

I am often asked the question: 'What is the best way to paint MDF?'   Here is my reply:

The best way to get a really smooth finish is to spray MDF otherwise use a foam roller.
Sand edges, if very rough you can paint them with a dilute Polyfilla mix. (All my product come ready sanded)
I only very lightly sand the face of the board

1. coat with MDF primer,  although a standard PVA glue mixed 2 parts PVA to 1 part water does the same job.

2. coat quick drying primer/undercoat

3 coat same as above  if required

THE IMPORTANT BIT IS TO Sand using wet wet and dry paper 250 grit down to 400 grit between each coat.
Top coat of choice
This is the best way I have found to paint MDF products to get the best finish. Hope this is of some help and let me know how you go about painting MDF and hopefully help some people out.

I hope you will all enjoy reading my blog and may even gain some inspiration.

Angela x

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