Thursday, 26 November 2015

New Design Finished

Good morning, woke up at silly o'clock today, 4.20am, but on the plus side got a fair amount of the boring things done - ironing which is not one of my favourite jobs.   I am pleased to say that yesterday was a very productive day in that I completed a design and got some cutting done using
some of the new wood. One of the main new designs that I cut was some Wine Butlers. They make a great gift for anyone who drinks wine and are a beautiful addition to any bar, table, dining room, or kitchen! It will hold one bottle and 2 glasses.

Today I have some sanding and finishing of a couple of other projects that I have been working on.  Have a few new ideas rattling around for projects but need to get some ideas down on paper.  Yes I usually put my designs down on paper first before transferring the idea to the computer. I also have to go to the Post Office, hoping there isn't a mile long queue like on Monday.  Have a good day everyone.

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