Thursday, 22 January 2015

Finished Design

Last week I wrote a post about a new design and then me being me forgot to write another post once I had finished it until now.  This design is slightly different because I have used a few different ideas for it.  I cut the heart from 6mm Obeche wood using the scroll saw, sanded it and danish oiled the piece.  Around the sides of the heart are some 'bling' red circles.  I had thought about cutting circles into the heart but decided I would try this way and I like the result.  For the backer I have used three different coloured cards and finally I mounted it all into a box frame.

I called the piece Valentine Rose and it can also be found on my Facebook page ATScrollin  I like to cut new designs all the time and add different finishes and embellishments to pieces.  I seem to have so many ideas but sadly not enough hours in the day.  Today again I have started something I don't often do which is painting a piece so please do check back soon to see it.

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